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Free to be Wild

Free to be Wild is a Non-profit organisation and we rely solely on donations from the public to keep doing the good work required of us.

We are very grateful for the generosity of our donors and can’t thank you enough for enabling us to help the injured animals that are unable to help themselves.

Our Guardians of the Wild programme not only enables you to sponsor one of the animals under our care but you can also help us pay for the monthly wages of our dedicated and irreplaceable handlers. These Guardians do so much for our orphans and you too can show your appreciation by helping us look after them.

Khumbulani Shumba

US $1120 per year

Khumbulani started working for Free to be Wild, 5 years ago when Baye had had Umfazi for about 6 months. In the 6 months that Baye had had Umfazi, he was the only other person that she ever went to.  While Baye was at work, Khumbulani would come a few hours a day to look after Umfazi in the bottom of the garden while she played in the trees doing baboon things.

From there the idea of starting Free to be Wild began and Khumbu helped Baye build it from scratch. It was the two of them that designed and built almost everything that is the sanctuary today!  He is now the top handler and sanctuary manager in charge of wildlife welfare, enclosures maintenance, orphan care, rehabilitation, game capture, feeding and enrichment, to name but a few.

Khumbu has two daughters and a wife who spend a lot of time at the sanctuary all have such an affiliation with wildlife and the most kind and caring hearts. Baye knew Khumbu was her Free to be Wild soulmate when she once had to leave Umfazi with him for a few nights whilst she went away and when she came back his wife was not talking to him because he had made her sleep on the floor while Umfazi slept in the bed with him!

To work with someone who has such compassion towards wildlife is a privilege and the sanctuary would not be what it is today with out this great man.

Dhingani Nkomo

US $1120 a year

Dinghani started working with us a year ago, as temporary help and when we saw his connection with the animals at the sanctuary we realized he was our next top handler!

All our orphans see Dinghani as their “mother” protector figure and he is never far from a trail of babies, be it baboons on bushwalks or the ostrich taking lunch time naps with him in the gardens. He is one of the kindest people we have ever met, he is a gentle giant and is captivating to watch when it comes to him and his animals.

Dinghani also has a wife and two kids who spend time with us. The girls are learning a lot about the animals were they were once shy they now spend a lot of time helping their dad raise the orphans in need.

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We rely solely on donations from the public.