Become a

Guardian of the Wild

Free to be Wild is a Non-profit organisation and we rely solely on donations from the public to keep doing the good work required of us.

We are very grateful for the generosity of our donors and can’t thank you enough for enabling us to help the injured animals that are unable to help themselves.

Our Guardians of the Wild programme enables you to symbolically adopt some of our animals and sponsor their rehabilitation and release back into the wild where they belong.

When you become a Guardian you will receive:
  • a symbolic certificate
  • an information sheet on the animal you have chosen to protect
  • a photo of the animal you have chosen
  • a thank you card
  • a book mark
  • bi-monthly updates of your animals rehab and release progress

Please note: Local Zimbabweans will receive a printed Guardian Pack, international donors will receive a virtual pack. If you would like a Guardian pack sent to you then it will come at an extra charge. We hope you understand our wishes to keep our costs down and ensure as much of the money you donate goes towards the animals not postage.

Our Orphan



US $50 per year

Flax was found orphaned on a cattle ranch early 2019, he is being raised at the sanctuary in preparation for release when he is old enough.


US $50 a year

At only two days old he was pushed away from his mom by another young male Bushbuck. Attempts to re-introduce him back to his mom were sadly unsuccessful.

From a tiny baby Olive has transformed into a majestic male Bushbuck who quietly roams the Sanctuary lands.

City Boy

US $50 per year

After his mother was killed by Lions, City boy was rescued by game scouts and a loving family who have managed to pull him through.

They have now asked FTBW to help give him a second chance and assist with his journey back to the wild. He will have some re-wilding lessons and learn that the bush is his natural home and we will find a suitable release site for him when he is ready to be released.


US $50 a year

Orphaned at only 2 days old, after she was separated from her herd, Abbey was raised by the Mavros family. After 3 years of trying to integrate her back into a wild herd, with no success, a better life for Abbey was chosen for her to come and live at FTBW to be a companion for City Boy with the hope of eventual release.

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We rely solely on donations from the public.