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Guardian of the Wild

Free to be Wild is a Non-profit organisation and we rely solely on donations from the public to keep doing the good work required of us.

We are very grateful for the generosity of our donors and can’t thank you enough for enabling us to help the injured animals that are unable to help themselves.

Our Guardians of the Wild programme enables you to symbolically adopt some of our animals and sponsor their rehabilitation and release back into the wild where they belong.

When you become a Guardian you will receive:
  • a symbolic certificate
  • an information sheet on the animal you have chosen to protect
  • a photo of the animal you have chosen
  • a thank you card
  • a book mark
  • bi-monthly updates of your animals rehab and release progress

Please note: Local Zimbabweans will receive a printed Guardian Pack, international donors will receive a virtual pack. If you would like a Guardian pack sent to you then it will come at an extra charge. We hope you understand our wishes to keep our costs down and ensure as much of the money you donate goes towards the animals not postage.

Our Orphan



US $50 per year

Zulu arrived in 2014 when her mom was beaten to death by locals, who class Monkeys as vermin because they steal their crops.

Before being rescued, Zulu was also attacked resulting in her losing sight in one eye.  She has grown up to be one of the most caring surrogate mothers to new orphans.


US $50 a year

Orphaned in 2015, after his mum was shot, Zazu joined his new family at Free to be Wild and is in the first stages of his rehabilitation.

Full of mischief and energy Zazu is a real little socialite, he loves to roam the Sanctuary and make his rounds to all his fury friends, often helping them escape!

Ug – Bug

US $50 per year

Orphaned in 2015, after her mum was shot during a crop raid, UG was brought to the Sanctuary by the family who rescued her.

Now a part of her own troop UG is on her way to a free life in the wild.

UG-Bug is a Vervet Monkey and she is a wonderful surrogate mum for any new orphan baby Vervets that come to the Sanctuary.


US $50 a year

Another victim of mass slaughter, loosing his family in 2016 Toto arrived at the Sanctuary frightened and very dehydrated.

It has taken him a long time to settle down and is still not very trusting when it comes to people. He much prefers to be with his new Monkey family.

Toto is the leader of every escape plan!


US $50 per year

Orphaned in 2015, Tanaka joined the Sanctuary with her brother Zazu after their mum was shot.

Not interested in drama this little independent girl is always on her own mission with her best friend Purdy!

Tanaka has the biggest head of all our Monkeys.


US $50 a year

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Locked in a gun cabinet and kept illegally as a pet Purdy was rescued by Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife and handed over to the Sanctuary in 2015.

Purdy loves to carry a small tennis ball around with him!

Pepe le Pew

US $50 per year

The chubbiest little boy you will ever meet! Arriving early 2016 after his mom was shot, Pepe has certainly kept us entertained.

He became an international celebrity when a video of him trying to pick the spots off our Dalmatian went viral!

Pepe’s favourite thing to do is escape and break into our feed room!


US $50 a year

Rescued by the Friends Foundation after his mom was shot, Nkau joined the Free to be Wild family in 2015.

He was the Sanctuaries frist male Vervet Monkey and has become the troops protector.

Nkau’s favourite past time is Swimming!


US $50 per year

He got his name, Luma, which means ‘to bite’ in the local language as he bit off every bottle teat we tried to feed him with!

When he arrived in 2016 he was old enough to be introduced into our older monkey troop but would still come back to us for his daily bottle feeds.


US $50 a year

Miles and miles he travelled to get to us from Victoria Falls after his mother was tragically killed by a car.

He is now part of our troop and the Free to be Wild family will take great care of him until he is ready to be released back into the wild.

His favourite food is juicy red grapes!


US $50 per year

Louis’ mum was killed by a vehicle leaving him with a broken leg and sadly permanent brain damage. 

As a result of this injury, he often experiences epileptic episodes which have resulted in periods of paralysis. 

This makes Louis unsuitable for release and he will become one of our permanent residents with Zulu. 


US $50 a year

Losing her mother in a vehicle collision BB was raised and cared for by a loving family who then came to the decision that they would like to give her a chance at freedom and return to a life with her own kind!

Her best friend is Nozi. She helped BB get over her trauma where she would self-harm. Nozi helped her stop this and feel loved.

She is now part of a troop at the Sanctuary and part of our phase 2 rehabilitation programme.

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We rely solely on donations from the public.